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Do you ever favor video clip? That’s fantastic, we made a video clip where we review a bad Tinder about myself + share outstanding bio!

Take a visit:

# 1: The self-cockblock inside Tinder about me personally (BIG BLUNDER!)

I’ll explain to you the profile of an absolute stunner.

The type of lady many guys would phone a



I right swiped this lady merely yesterday to run some

Here’s what their profile looked like:

We blurred out the woman face of course. You’ll have to trust in me as I show when I say it really is a cute one.

But it’s perhaps not their image I want to discuss.

Underneath her carefully selected photographs, there’s a carefully authored Tinder about myself.


Let’s zoom in on that:

As I showed this profile to your guys of this TextGod team, their reaction had been the same as mine.

Master degree owner

Alright, cool.

University teacher

Alright, not necessarily positive what this means but rather cool i assume.

Dance partner

Sweet, seems elegant.


Alright she exercises, dope.

At this point everyone I showed the profile as well altered their own modulation of voice whenever checking out her bio out loud. After offering fourfold, people start to get frustrated using this book.

IQ 139, level 1.72 m

Is this some kind of laugh?

Interested in a soulmate (aka the one that detests stupid hoes and respects genuine girls in so far as I carry out)

When her bio goes from ‘cool’ to ‘more problems than Vogue’ genuine rapid.

My mind made an instantaneous connection to this guy:

I have numerous honors that I realized using my 147 IQ (certified wizard by medical standards)

(I’m sure this screenshot may seem like it can’t be actual but unfortunately you can find whole collections among these. You’ll find millions of nice guys that actually book along these lines.)

Tall IQ dudes declaring their unique IQ within bio or messages, are like low IQ men revving their own machines about street, considering they have been cool.

Oh wow, i will make love with this guy revving their auto motor!

]—No girl actually

Anyhow, I digress.

Back to this stunner together Einstein mind.

The woman bio SCREAMS



No self-confident individual that’s pleased with him- or by herself seems the need to be considered along these lines. What exactly is this individual wanting to show?

Arguably an universal truth is:

If someone shows off their particular IQ out of the blue, they’ve been probably moronic and insecure.

(Besides, it has been established that IQ is actually an incorrect measure of intelligence as a result of the variety and different psychological abilities people might have. The man inside screenshot have an IQ of 147, it appears as though his EQ is actually near to 10.)

Goddamnit, We digress once again. In which had been we?

Ok last one, this lady’s Tinder about myself instance screams



And that’s precisely what the bios many men shout at the same time.

And people wouldn’t like any kind of it.

showed us. Users with a high levels of SSP (discerning self-presentation) perform improperly in pregnant online dating.

Scientists expected that high SSP profiles and large warranting (evidence to back up their particular accomplishments), is the top on internet dating applications.

But researchers happened to be completely wrong.

It happened to be users with

reduced SSP

but high warranting that have been best.

Eg, you write a blog site therefore warrant it by linking your blog site.

Cannot boast regarding it, merely claim that everything reveal and supply people who have a link towards web log.

(sadly in my situation, currently talking about Tinder and online internet dating information can backfire sometimes.)

# 2: Tinder account text: college student instance

I’ll demonstrate another typical blunder that expenses guys dates.

One you’ll probably be generating also, and what you can do regarding it so you score far more suits.

Look at this bio that your readers presented:

Wooh, that is a long m’fukkah.

Let us discuss it together, component by part.

While I ended up being young, girls don’t like whenever I pulled hair… amusing how circumstances change *emoji emoji*

Alright, so good. Not sure if you have viewed this before, but I have.

Nevertheless lots of women on Tinder are going to be a new comer to this line, and if so, it’ll probably will cause them to make fun of.

Furthermore, it really is a pleasant


method of sexualizing.

Sick and tired of swiping kept

Using this part, Julian is playing

hard to get

. Women are not truly impressing him, in which he’s about to get a thumb infection from swiping kept plenty.


1.93 m


Instruction daily


Considerably into private development

He is large, he is jacked, along with his head is actually jacked too. Alright…

IG @blablablabla

He links his Instagram, which will be filled with pics of him carrying out a number of sports. Plus some views shots.

Linking your Instagram tends to be

among the many best things to do

. If you have well quality content, after that she can browse through at heart’s desire. Without you becoming a silly tryhard, posting the photographs to your
dating profile
, doing all of your very best to look awesome cool.

No, maybe not a catfish. (As far as I understand)

a variant of his “Sick of swiping kept”, but a little different.

He is literally claiming “Hey, I’m sure this looks to best that you be real, however it is correct. I occur.”

In accordance with logical study there was a 90per cent possibility your main explanation you’re right here on Tinder, is for the benefit of psychological verification. For the reason that certain situation, there is certainly a 99percent chance we don’t complement anyhow

Julian moved TextGod throughout the matter and performed his analysis. He let us
understand that he is around their concealed plan. Him while the women simply have
1% possibility of coordinating


Precisely what do you would imagine with this bio, my precious reader?





Ordinary such as the sized mentor Dan’s donger?

A Tinder about myself section like this is actually… Overkill.


It is like Julian picked all kinds of things he considered noteworthy immediately after which threw them using one big pile, hoping that any style of cohesion is irrelevant.

The guy integrates a
funny bio
, with a conceited bio, with some informative information on themselves (do not. Fucking. Repeat this. More on this shameful method afterwards inside post.), which includes random fact about online dating sites.

I guess had an excuse to provide this arbitrary fact to his bio. But I really don’t really see what truly. Maybe he’s filtering out of the females that are really seeking get together?

Everything can not see in this post, is actually Julian’s photos, where trend goes on. You will find a failure of 3 Tinder about me tips in this movie I made:

He has good quality pictures, but stuffed all 9 slot machines with photographs of him appearing cool.

One slot had been filled with the hair-pulling range in the shape of a meme. Overkill.

To be honest, absolutely great things inside the bio. We simply must cut a lot of it and choose one element.

He could only keep carefully the locks pulling laugh.

This coupled with a couple
good Tinder photos
and his IG linked, will make a great profile. A profile that targets women selecting some fun.

Or the guy could share the medical reality, and add a phone call to activity to it.

“Swipe appropriate if you are really interested in one thing major.”

That could create his profile more desirable for girls looking for love.

Holy Idea:

Hooking up your Instagram is 1 of 35+ concerns within our
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To use The Tinder Profile Checklist, merely download it free-of-charge. You can utilize and prices you just five full minutes. That way you’ll know how to build a lot more attention on Tinder.

We’re really pleased with it.
Look it over

# 3: great Tinder about me personally for guys (My first killer bio ever before)

It’s no secret to TextGod readers that I became a virgin until I was 22, virtually 23.

And possibly you have already heard that across time Tinder gained popularity, my personal lay matter became faster than a voyeurist’s shlong at a topless coastline.

It all started when in 2013 We moved toward united states. Pasadena, la becoming much more exact.

Tinder had been new, however it was already a hot topic in the us.

Some girls I came across revealed the application to my buddy and I.

All excited, we instantaneously made a profile with regards to help.

My buddy had been the guy in senior school. He was the real life version of the web based

If you are familiar with the meme, then you can certainly envision that which we had been like.

The Virgin was actually all me personally, excluding the little cock. And I also never ever used New Balance boots.

My pal was actually the Chad alright. The guy also had the blondish locks as well as the blue eyes. He was in addition naturally muscular and might bench significantly more than an average gym rat, without training.

Whenever the female friends browsed during images to set up the
Tinder profile
, it got dealing with for my situation.

Their profile ended up being an immediate hit.

My personal profile ended up being uhm… instantaneous shit.

You look much better in true to life than in your photos!

” girls decided.

(My personal very first Tinder day was not almost anything to create home about)


Oh apologies, fantastic sir. I’d like to get straight to the idea.

As I got in to
, we checked out my personal parents.

I told my mother about the Tinder software which girls mentioned I looked much better in real world.

And my mom did just what mothers are meant to do, she said:

“Louis, you are always gorgeous.”

And this aided myself.

Since it became my first successful Tinder bio.

Some tips about what I published:

“in accordance with my buddies i am a lot more stunning in real world, but my personal mom says I’m usually gorgeous.”

And my god, did my personal matches enhance.

And I had gotten established once in a while too!

Just what this bio type of did, is a thing Andy High from University of Iowa explains here:

“You need to balance all that is wonderful about yourself with a few items that aren’t bad, but much more humble or sensible about your self.”

And listed here is the type of responses i acquired with-it:




Why is it added legit, is it had been in fact predicated on my entire life. It wasn’t simply copy-pasted from some other person.

This bio appealed to an extensive audience, it don’t focus on any person is actually certain.

No group of women got weeded completely, with no category of girls was especially resolved.

When sometimes, which is what you should be carrying out…

no. 4: greatest Tinder about me personally captions

In this tip you will discover something that people who are currently in a relationship, usually want they had understood.

A thing that provides a giant affect how you would go about Tinder.

See, good Tinder about myself for dudes needs to carry out several circumstances:

Generate the girl make fun of

Make it easy for this lady to discuss

But the majority of all, it requires to



This is especially true if you reside in a big city.

, Moscow, Mexico City,
, Istanbul, The Friendzone, …

There are numerous large towns and cities with thousands of people. There tend to be consequences…

Long story short:

  • Big-city
  • Lots of people
  • Big Tinder dating swimming pool
  • Countless competitors
  • An easy task to end up being merely ‘meh’ and swiped kept

But it also indicates:

  • Big city
  • A lot of people
  • Big Tinder matchmaking pool
  • More women in the market definitely precisely your sort
  • You ought to attract just all of them, with

    a niche bio that filter systems out your exact type

Hear me personally on.

We firmly believe option is an essential section of a relationship.

(and that’s extremely painful to inform folks who have been together for years currently, however they aren’t very happy with regards to relationship.)

Permit me to move this concept into the work floor.

Think about you manage your own organization.

Absolutely a man you woman you hired sometime straight back.

But recently it stumbled on your own interest that she’s got a lazy and passive personality.

Instantly transforming the girl into an energetic and proactive worker, is a tiring and time-consuming task.

It can are better to merely hire a proactive individual.

And it’s the same in connections, and on occasion even with hook-ups!

As I’m creating this, the TextGod group and I also you live in Vilnius for monthly.

To uh… check out its tradition.

Mentor Dan returned from a romantic date yesterday and was actually type of annoyed at himself:

“Man… my personal basic big date with the night had been a female I watched for all the second time and she did not need to make around…”

The guy tells me.

“…So fine, that’s not gonna be a hookup. Fine, today i understand to end texting the girl. However now she is texting myself!”

You could potentially state this is exactly a

choice blunder

by all of them. Because each of them have actually squandered their own most valuable source: time.

Dan was looking for a simple romance.

Their date was looking for a critical union.

This might appear harsh, but it’s the severe real life for many individuals on Tinder.

Without a doubt, a hookup sometimes becomes a lovely, long-lasting
. And a commitment sort occasionally just wishes a-one night stand… But those compensate merely a small % in the total image.

Never go composing an event bio if you are looking arty.

You should not expect you’ll
get laid on Tinder today
when your profile features a photo of you cuddling a puppy, you cuddling your child relative, many inspirational estimate about attaining objectives.

Know what you’re looking for, following tailor your Tinder about us to attract precisely your own sort.

number 5: acquire my personal profile text

For you personally we included a video clip to generally share more
Tinder tips
in this article.

In the preceding movie We reveal my personal niche Tinder about myself.

It is rather useful to attract just your own type on any internet dating app.

Take a look today:

#6: Five amusing Tinder about me instances

Time for some funny Tinder about me suggestions for you!

Over the years, these outlines have become property for the interweb, so copy and take like there’s really no the next day.

I’ll throw all of them on your own screen in book bubbles, for the reason that it appears much cooler than usual text.

This is actually fun if you are tilting a lot more towards intimate activities:

I acquired a B+ in Human sex in school, so let’s simply state I know my means around a

*checks poorly scribbled notes*


When you need to allow it to be REALLY obvious you’re not interested in such a thing really serious, try this one:

I am on Tinder to create buddies the same exact way I am on PornHub to see the plumber repair the sink.

If you’re optimistic and thinking about satisfying her moms and dads:

I am the kinda man it is possible to get hold of meet up with your mother. She’ll think i am super funny, and lovely… and cute, but really type sensuous concurrently? She falls in deep love with me. I… think personally i think in the same way. We get married. I’m your dad now.

We confront you, “young girl why are you on Tinder?” you are now grounded.

Ever seen the great ol’ Old Spice offer? Or them?

This bio parodies the original:

Hello Ladies,

Glance at the last man you matched, now back again to me, now back into the past guy you paired, today to me. Sadly, he could ben’t me personally, however if the guy stopped leaving his bio blank, and had better photographs, he might be just like me. Look-down, support, in which are you? You are on tinder using man you dream about. What is actually in your hand, returning to myself. It is a pizza with your favorite toppings onto it. Appear again, the pizza pie is now your preferred dog. Such a thing’s possible when you match me personally on Tinder.

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